'Vande Mataram' will no longer run in assemblies and MPs?

Patna: All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Musalmeen (AIMIM) Chief and Party MLAs of Asaduddin Owaisi (Asaduddin Owaisi), lok sabha MP from Hyderabad, have created a new stir in bihar assembly. In fact, all the five MLAs of Owaisi's party refused to sing the national anthem Vande Mataram in the assembly on Friday. Not only that, the MLAs also said that the Speaker is forcefully imposing on us the tradition of singing the national anthem and the national song.

In fact, this time during the winter session of the Assembly, Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha (Vijay Kumar Sinha) has started the tradition of singing the National Anthem (Jana Gana-Mana) on the first day of the session and the National Anthem (Vande Mataram) on the last day. On the last day of the winter session, when the national song was being sung, all the five MLAs of Owaisi's party flatly refused to sing the national song.

After the conclusion of the winter session, AIMIM's Bihar Pradesh unit president and MLA Akhtarul Iman lashed out at Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha and accused him of imposing a new tradition of national anthem and national song. Akhtarul Iman argued that nowhere in the Constitution has it been written that it is necessary to sing a national song. Tell me this is not the first time that AIMIM leaders have refused to sing national songs, Owaisi himself has said many times that He will not speak Vande Mataram, i will not speak even if he puts a knife on my neck.

Here's one thing readers should consider, owaisi's party now has only 5 MLAs in Bihar, and his party is going to contest in UP as well. He has fought in Bengal before. If the candidates of the AIMIM win with the same ideology , will the national anthem or the national song be played in the assemblies or parliament ? Will vande mataram or jai hind, or bharat mata ki jai slogans be raised? It is my personal opinion that no religion should be weak enough to be endangered by saying a few words (words that praise the motherland) or that saying so would break the rules of that religion. Is it not an insult to the martyrs who hanged themselves shouting 'Vande Mataram' or 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'? Religion never came in the way of calling Ashfakhullah Khan vande mataram, so why Owaisi?

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