On Varlakshmi Vrat, do this puja, so every wish will be fulfilled

Aug 07 2019 05:40 PM
On Varlakshmi Vrat, do this puja, so every wish will be fulfilled

In Hinduism, Varlakshmi Vrat is kept which is on 9th August this time. In Hinduism, Varlakshmi Vrat is considered to be a very holy fast and worshipping on this fast and listening to stories make everything work. So let us know the pooja method of this fast, the material.

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The method and material of Varlakshmi Vrat Puja -

• Statue of Goddess Varlakshmi Ji

• Flower garland

• Kumkum

• Turmeric

• Sandalwood powder powder

• Vibhuti

• Glass

• Comb

• Mango leaves

• Flowers

• Betel leaves

• Panchamrit

• Yoghurt

• Banana

• Milk

• Water

• Incense sticks

• Molly

• Sunshine

• camphor

• Little Worship Bells

• Offerings

• Oil lamps

• Akshat

Varlakshmi Pooja Method: On this day, wake up in the morning, clean the house and take a bath carefully and sanctify your place of worship with Ganga water and then resolve the fast. Now decorate the idol of Maa Lakshmi with new clothes, jewellery and kumkum and then place the idol of Maa Lakshmi on the east side with The idol of Ganpati Ji on a place. Now spread a little Tandul at the place of worship and fill the water in Kalash and place it on the Tandul.

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Then apply sandals around the Kalash. Now add betel, areca nut, coin, mango leaves, etc. to the vase. Now put sandalwood, turmeric, kumkum on a coconut and place it on that Kalash and do so on a plate with red clothes, intact fruits, flowers, Durva, lamp, Dhup, etc. Now, keep the lamp in front of the idol of the mother and also read the story of Varlakshmi Vrat in full. Remember not to divide prasad into women after the puja is over. It is said that on this special day, women who fast should be abstained and then perform the fruits after the aarti-Archna at night.

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