Do not keep these kinds of pictures in the house, it's a bad omen

According to Vastu Shastra, there are many such things which should be done and there are many such things which should not be done. According to Vastu, care should be taken to put idols and photographs in the house and in the Vastu texts like Mansar, Samranganasutradhar, Prasad Mandan and Vrhatsanhita, home decoration and other things are explained in detail. By the way, you will know that the objects and pictures kept in the house have a bad ominous effect on the people living there and keeping this in mind, it has been told in many texts that what kind of idols and pictures should not be kept in the house. Today we are going to make some architectural tips that should be adopted.

* The 38th chapter of Samaranga Sutradhara states that photographs or pictures of birds like vulture, owl, pigeon, crow, eagle should not be made on the walls.

* It has also been told that the photographs, shapes and other types of things like snakes animals are kept in the house.

* It is said that pictures of carnivorous animals such as pigs, monkeys, camels as well as other wild animals such as lions, jackals, cats, should not be in the house, because it can be fatal.

* It is said that it is not considered auspicious to have any war pictures with Ramayana and Mahabharata in the house and the characters of the stories told in the history and Puranas should also not be in the house.

* It is said that even the horrible images of weeping humans, demons and ghosts are inauspicious to be in the house because it causes negativity in the house and everything starts going bad.

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