Keep Bronze lion in home to get financial benefits
Keep Bronze lion in home to get financial benefits

According to Vastu, there are many such tips that if adopted in life, then there is benefit. Today we are going to tell you, according to Vastu, how can you benefit from keeping a bronze lion in the house. 

It is said that if a person lacks confidence, then such people should keep a brass lion in their house because it will show a new enthusiasm. It is beneficial to keep it in the northeast direction of the house. By doing this you will see that the positive change in your personality in a short time will make your presence more powerful. Keep in mind that the lion's mouth should be in the centre of the building.

It is said that for those people who have Surya Dosh, the benefit of this remedy is big. People with Surya Dosh can benefit from it.

According to Vastu Shastra, magnetic north field is considered to be the place of Kubera, the god of wealth, which is auspicious for wealth growth. If any business negotiation, consultation, transaction or any big deal, keep the face to the north. By doing this, there is a lot of profit in the business.

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