Vastu Tips: Do not keep these types of idols of God in the temple for positive results

God's statue should never be put in the temple or anyplace else in the house so that its back or upper back are exposed. From the front, the statue should be visible. The rear of God's statue is said to be quite menacing. The house will be cursed if you do so.

A statue of God in his crude form, on the other hand, should never be placed in a home or temple. A statue depicting God in an enraged state. Always place God's idols in a soft, lovely, and beneficial position. It has a calming effect. In the puja home, there should never be more than two sculptures or portraits of Ganesha.


In no circumstance, same broken statues or paintings of God be retained in the same house or temple. It is said to be exceedingly unlucky. Such idols' appearance is a source of evil. As a result, submerge the shattered sculptures as soon as possible. In addition, placing idols of the same God face to face in a place of worship is considered unlucky. Furthermore, two idols of the same God should not be present at the same time or in the same area. This causes domestic strife.

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