Vasu Dev Kalyan Festival: Wedding of donkeys for rain

Kurnool: Wedding of two donkeys to please the rain god for abundant rain, this peculiar ritual is performed in Kurnool district. Hosur in Pathikonda constituency has an age-old tradition of donkeys getting married. When there was no rain and lack of rain, the ancestors used to get donkeys married. It is believed that it used to rain a lot after they got married. This practice is being adopted by the present generation even today. The villagers call it the Vasu Dev Kalyan Mahotsav. There was very little rainfall this year, due to which the planted crops are dying due to lack of water. Because of which the villagers organized Vasu Dev Kalyan Mahotsav.

The donkeys were decorated as bride and groom and a procession was taken out to the Veera Bhadra Swamy temple in the village amidst spiritual music. The villagers are represented in two groups, one from the bride's side and the other from the groom's side. They would exchange formalities in front of the temple priest as they used to do for humans. The thali will be tied after completing the formalities. Priests will chant Veda mantras and people will tie a plate to the bride's donkey. The priest then announces that the marriage is complete. Later, the villagers take the donkeys in procession to the streets of the village. Thousands of villagers have gathered to witness this magnificent event.

Another villager told that due to lack of good rainfall in ancient times, about 84 lakh creatures have died on earth. At that time, Vasu Deva Kalyanam and Varuna Yagya were also performed, but now they do not have the ability to perform Varuna Yagya, so Vasu Deva Kalyanam is performed. If the rain god blesses them with abundant rain, they will get a good harvest. The villagers said that the drinking water problem would also be solved.


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