VD Sharma lashed out at Diggi, said- 'Digvijay must have given training to the stone pelters caught in Jammu and Kashmir'

Bhopal: BJP leaders are now attacking Digvijay Singh in an aggressive avatar due to the statement of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh that poor Muslim youths throw stones by giving money. Attacking former CM Digvijay Singh, BJP state president VD Sharma, who reached Sehore on Wednesday, said that Digvijay Singh is well versed in these things, when stone pelters were caught in Jammu and Kashmir, their relation came from Bhopal, the work of training them. Digvijay Singh must have done it. Digvijay Singh has a habit, he brings unrestrained allegations and issues, how he remains in the discussion, kept coming in the media.

At the same time, regarding the meeting of BJP leaders with the central leadership, VD Sharma said that it is the method of the BJP party, it is our good fortune that the central leadership also meets us from time to time, they also come, this is the method of healthy organization, the cabinet Whatever happens, it is the special right of the CM. Regarding the preparations for the 2023 elections, he said that when the BJP wins the election and the CM takes oath, from the very next day, the BJP starts preparing for the next election. BJP is an organization which is active 365 days 24 hours a day.

On Digvijay Singh's statement, Home Minister Narottam Mishra retaliated and said that Digvijay Singh does not understand what has happened. First raised questions on the police to please a community for the politics of appeasement, raised questions on the judiciary and now told that community only for sale that they throw stones with money. You have made one thing clear, where did the stones come from and who had thrown them. What proof do you have that that community threw stones with money? Talking like this about a person would not have caused so much pain, but you have done the work of defaming a community. He also did not do well in this holy month.

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