'In name of Islam for 1400 years..,' Senior advocate's statement on SC's remarks on Nupur Sharma

New Delhi: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has expressed its disappointment over the Supreme Court's remarks on Friday in the suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma case. Issuing a statement in this regard, VHP's international working president and senior advocate Alok Kumar said that Nupur Sharma had filed a petition seeking transfer of cases registered across the country, but she was disappointed with the apex court's decision on it.

Alok Kumar has said that Nupur Sharma is a woman and the matter is very sensitive. Her 20-25-second remarks are being investigated, FIRs have been lodged at many places in the country, demonstrations are going on all over the country and Nupur Sharma's life is also in danger. Alok Kumar questioned that when all the cases in the case of Maqbool Fida Hussain could have been transferred to one place, why can't it be done in the Nupur Sharma case? He said Nupur's security was under threat and hence she was disappointed with the apex court's rejection of the petition.

At the same time, the international working president of the VHP questioned the observations of the Supreme Court, saying whether Nupur is guilty or not, the issue was not there before the Supreme Court. The magistrate has the right to hear the content of the FIR and whether Nupur Sharma is guilty or not and he also has to follow the entire procedure. Testimonies are recorded in the magistrate's court, hearings are conducted and on that basis, it will be decided whether Nupur Sharma is guilty or not. Senior advocate Alok Kumar also tweeted in this regard from his official Twitter handle, in which he wrote, "Our thanks to the #SupremeCourt for making us wise, that 1400 years of aggression, violence and killings in the name of Islam have been due to the statement of #NupurSharama.'' 

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