Video: Desi Boyfriend vs City Boyfriend

Sep 20 2017 07:21 AM

These days, everyone like to be in a relationship. A city boy and a desi boy, everyone wants to get involved in relationships. In such a situation, the girls often want to have high-class boyfriends not the one from small towns. But some girls say yes to boys whom they really feel they love.

Sometimes it happens that boyfriend doesn't match your standard and sometimes he does. In this video, there is an interaction between Desi Boyfriend and City Boyfriend which is very well explained in the video.

This video has been uploaded on the YouTube channel by Elvish Yadav which is getting viral fast enough these days. It has got 13k likes. This video has so far received 662,680 views and is increasing day by day. Lewis is becoming quite popular on social sites too. 

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