Video Viral: Two girls Fought in shopping mall over boyfriend

Muzaffarpur: You may have seen boys fighting over an issue, but what would you say if girls fought over a boyfriend issue in a public place? There is a similar case from Muzaffarpur in Bihar, where there is a dangerous quarrel between girls in shopping malls.

The video of the girls' fight is from a mall complex in Motijheel in the city which is going very viral on social media. In this video, the young women are beating each other and the reason for their fight is said to be a boy. In this video, it can be clearly seen that two young women are seen beating each other in which a young woman comes to the rescue in the middle and then she also starts beating, as well as a boy is seen defending in the middle.

The video leads to prolonged beatings and chaos in the mall. A person tries to explain and intervenes to calm the matter and the girls are pulled out of the mall by scolding them. People there are also reporting the reason for the incident as a fight over boyfriends. However, no party has so far submitted a written application in the police station in the matter. The same incident stunned the people present there.

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