Krk called Arjun Kapoor a ‘Super Flop Hero’, Even a Dog Doesn’t watch his movie

Arjun Kapoor recently slammed trollers for Boycotting  Bollywood movies, he further urges that Bollywood should come together against the trolls. KRK has uploaded a video of 8 minutes 29 seconds on his YouTube channel and he slammed Arjun Kapoor for his remark on Boycott trends.

Krk in his video said, “It is understandable if the public boycotts Aamir Khan's film. It is understandable if you boycott Shahrukh Khan's film. But how can you insult a super-duper great flop hero like Arjun Kapoor? How can you boycott that poor movie? It means now you will also boycott the film of a actor whose film even a dog does not go to see.  He further added, "If the public boycotts Varun Dhawan's film, I can agree. The boycott of Sidharth Malhotra's films is also understandable. But how can public boycott a film of Lukkhe like you.

Krk further added "Bhaijaan! Now you stay by teaching a lesson to the public. Don't leave public Bhaijaan, now instead of releasing your movie in theaters, start uploading it directly on YouTube Bhaijaan. When the film will be available to watch on YouTube for free, then it is obvious that you will definitely see it and you will go crazy after seeing it. Have to take revenge on them, brother! On the other hand, he says, "Does Arjun Kapoor look like a hero? Does Arjun Kapoor know acting? Is there an actor quality in Arjun Kapoor? That's why you guys should not boycott Arjun Kapoor's film, instead stand and pee wherever the poster of Arjun Kapoor's film is seen."

silent about it and that was our decency but people have started taking advantage of that. I think we made a mistake by thinking that ‘our work will speak for ourselves. You know you don't always need to get your hand dirty but I guess we tolerated it a lot and now people have made this a habit. 
Speaking about the Boycott Trends and trolling Arjun Kapoor added, “We need to come together and do something about it because what people write about us or the hashtags that trend, are far away from reality.

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