Video of colourful chameleons overshadowed on social media

You may have seen many chameleons to date, but have you seen a colourful and beautiful-looking chameleon? Now, you will say no. Well, if not, we're going to show you today a colourful and beautiful-looking chameleon. Yes, the chameleon was found by people in a California neighbourhood and now the video is fast going viral. Under the information received, the chameleon was not a native of the area and a snake transfer expert was called to save it. The video is currently going viral. You can see this video shows the expert going to a tray.



A green-red chameleon is seen inside the tray. In the meantime, when the expert arrives to lift the chameleon from the tray, he crawls on his arms. Meanwhile, the man is heard saying, "Usually, I get calls to catch a snake. But today I got a call. And the gentleman found this friend crawling in the neighbourhood.'' Well, the incident took place on October 11, 2021, in Carlsbad, California, USA. In the video, Mr Ireland explained: "We move the snake to San Diego, California, and respond to 3-5 calls per day. It was a very different day. The caller said he had a strange lizard and asked if I would come to remove it. On reaching home, I found that he had a panther chameleon, brightly coloured. I knew it was not a normal call. Panther Chameleons are only natives of Madagascar, so I knew it should be someone's pet."

Now people are reacting fast by watching this video. One user wrote, "I have never seen it as full of colour as if it had just been painted."

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