Video of vegetable seller monkey goes viral

A great video from Sivani in Madhya Pradesh is currently going viral and what is watching the video is surprising. In fact, in this video, a monkey is sitting at a vegetable shop on the pavement and selling vegetables. Looking at this scene, it looks like a monkey is running a vegetable shop itself. Well, whoever saw the scene was surprised and he is reacting after seeing it. Meanwhile, someone present on the spot made a video of the incident and made it viral on social media and the video is now winning the hearts of the people.



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You can see in this viral video that the monkey is sitting comfortably at the shop and eating vegetables. On the other hand, locals say that the number of monkeys is very high and that is why the monkeys keep on acting here when they see the opportunity. As soon as the shopkeeper got up for a while, the monkey sat in his place and picked up vegetables. However, the video is said to be from January 17, not today.

Someone has made a video of the incident and made it viral on social media and now the video has settled in the hearts of the people. The one watching the video is praising the monkey and enjoying the shopkeeper. Now the video is being shared a lot and people are giving their opinions by making a variety of comments.

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