Video: Oh my god, such a big belly... the man pressed the child's hand under his stomach and made it disappear
Video: Oh my god, such a big belly... the man pressed the child's hand under his stomach and made it disappear

You never know what might go viral on social media. While people across the world have various talents, some possess truly unique abilities that capture widespread attention. Even the most unusual skills can become a ticket to internet fame. There are countless videos on social media featuring people doing odd things, like simply jiggling their bellies, and going viral. One such individual is a chef from Turkey who entertains people and earns money just by shaking his large belly.

Recently, a video has been rapidly spreading online, showcasing a man using his massive belly in a surprising way. In the clip, the man manages to trap a child’s hand under his enormous belly. This video has quickly gained traction, amusing and astonishing viewers worldwide.

The man in the video has such a large belly that it’s almost shocking to see. He is seated on a chair, with a child standing beside him. The man takes the child's hand and presses it under his belly. The sight of the child's hand disappearing under the man's belly is akin to the saying, "a needle in a haystack." As soon as the child’s hand is pressed under the belly, the child panics and starts shouting, trying desperately to free his hand. Despite his efforts, the child's hand remains trapped, unable to escape the weight of the man's belly.

Watching the video, viewers are left in disbelief, while also finding the situation incredibly funny. The humorous struggle of the child trying to free his hand has left many people in fits of laughter.


The video was shared on the @FunnydenFunnier account on X (formerly known as Twitter) and has garnered over 27,000 views. Many viewers have liked the video and shared their reactions. One user commented, “Wow, what a belly! I wish I had eaten that much; maybe I’d go viral too.” Another user humorously added, “This is exactly why we pay for our internet subscriptions.” Meanwhile, another user remarked, “Oh my God, what am I seeing? Good thing I'm blind.”

The unpredictability of social media virality is truly fascinating, highlighting how even the most unexpected content can capture the world’s attention and bring joy to many.

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