'Help! Talibani's are coming,' video of Screaming Afghan women goes viral

Kabul: Afghanistan has now been captured by the Taliban. So far many scary videos and pictures have surfaced from here. Now the Taliban is making claims of revenge, but the truth is coming out. The general public of Afghanistan does not believe in it and that is why people want to go out of the country somehow. Thousands of people are waiting for a flight at Kabul airport here. A video has now surfaced between all of them. In this video, some women are pleading with US troops to enter the airport. But they don't succeed. You can see in this video, the US and NATO forces barricade dispersal at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

In fact, all of them are just pushing out the citizens of their country. Meanwhile, some Afghan women are pleading for an airport. The video shows screaming women calling for help. In this video, the woman can be heard crying, 'Help! Talibani's are coming.'

Despite all the efforts of the women, the American soldier did not open the door. Let me tell you all that there are more than 50,000 Afghans at Kabul airport who want to leave the country. In fact, everyone is afraid that if they stay here, they will be subjected to Taliban atrocities. Let us also inform you that the forces of the US and NATO countries are first expelling their citizens, those who helped their missions. Now soldiers from all over the country are stationed at the airport and sending people in planes coming from their respective countries.

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