VIDEO: The bride refused to eat Rasgulla from the groom’s hand, then something like this happened

The wedding season has begun. Today, we'll show you a video that has gone popular on social media and will make you chuckle. This video was taken during the wedding preparations. Something unexpected happens between the bride and groom during Jayamala, surprising everyone in the vicinity.

You've probably noticed that the bride and groom appear to be exceedingly mischievous throughout Jayamala. This moment may also be lovely at times. On occasion, there is a commotion on stage as a result of it. This is what the footage that has gone popular on social media depicts. The girl's nail may be seen in this video. During Jayamala, the husband is shown gently feeding rasgulla to the bride. The girl, on the other hand, is telling nakhra and refuses to eat rasgulla. The groom is no exception.



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The wedding ceremony may be seen in the video. First and foremost, the female serves rasgulla to the groom. The bride, on the other hand, backs out when the husband feeds rasgulla. The bride begins to throw tantrums. Seeing the bride's tantrums, the husband, on the other hand, does not even bother to give her rasgulla again and consumes rasgulla with his lips. Everyone begins to smile as a result of this.

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