Video: The man was feeding the fish, caught his hand in a jiffy"

Every day something shocking happens in the world. Now recently a video has surfaced which is blowing everyone's senses. Actually this video is of a fish. You must have known that there are many such fish in the world, which are very huge. Whales and sharks are prominent in this list. Yes and both of them are so huge that they can swallow a person comfortably. Most of all, humans are advised to stay away from sharks, because they are very dangerous. At present, a video is going viral which is shocking.


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One such fish has been seen in this video, whose name is Atlantic Tarpon. It is quite big and heavy. At this time a video related to this fish is going viral on social media. All of you must have fed grain to the fish at one time or another. Although this work is done by small fish. Because big fish hunt only small fish and eat them. Tarpon fish also fill their stomach by eating small fish.

But at present, in the video which is going viral on social media, a man tries to feed a terpon fish floating in water, but in the meantime the fish catches his whole hand. However, during this the good thing was that he left the person's hand later, otherwise the person would have lost his hand. So far, whoever has seen this video, his senses were blown away and we are sure that it can surprise you too.

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