VIDEO: The young man was trying to catch a moving train, slipped his leg and then..."

Nowadays many types of videos are viral which blow people's senses. Many videos of railway stations also appear in this list which are shocking. On the other hand, Indian Railways is always ready to give safety to its passengers. However, sometimes some incidents keep coming to the fore which are shocking. Let us tell you that Railway Protection Force (RPF) has also been formed for the safety of railway passengers. At the same time, RPF has saved the lives of passengers many times and so far many videos have come out which is excellent. Now recently in Maharashtra, RPF personnel saved the life of a passenger, who was trying to catch a train.

Actually, this passenger was trying to catch a running train at Mumbai's Vasai Road station. Yes and during this time, his foot slipped and he got stuck between the train and the platform. At this time the video of the whole incident is going viral on social media which you can see here. Yes, RPF constable Ramendra Kumar showed readiness to save the passenger and saved him safely by running. You can see Western Railway has posted a video related to the incident on Twitter.

Sharing this video, Western Railway wrote, "RPF constable Ramendra Kumar showed quickness to save the life of a passenger who fell while trying to board a moving train at Mumbai's Vasai Road station. Passengers are requested not to try to board/disembark the moving train." As you all can see, till now this video has got thousands of views. This video is only 24 seconds and now it has become increasingly viral.

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