Video!! Twins were surprised by Mom’s Big Belly, shocking thing happened next
Video!! Twins were surprised by Mom’s Big Belly, shocking thing happened next

These days various interesting videos are doing rounds on social media due to their shocking content.  One such interesting video caught all the eyes where parents introduce their adult kids to their newborn twin sibling.  The viral video shows parents introducing their elder twins to their newborn twins.

As per the information a woman identified as Mom June Quan, a content creator by profession, posted the video on Instagram and since then the video is doing rounds on social media. The woman shared the video with an interesting and shocking caption. She wrote, “I’ll forever remember this moment we introduced Harper and Knox to Zayn and Silas.”


She further added, “Harper and Knox are only 21 months old and don’t quite understand that mommy’s belly was big because there were two babies inside. They knew to point to my belly when we asked ‘where are the babies,’ but the concept of a ‘baby’ wasn’t clear. Even right after the Littles came home, they’d still point to my belly when asked about the ‘babies'. But after a couple of days they quickly learned that the ‘babies’ from my belly are Zayn and Silas and are such loving, caring, and excited big siblings. We are so proud of them!”.

As soon as it caught the eyes of people they started commenting on it. One user wrote, “This is soooo sweet. A big adjustment but they will be great bigs to the littles!” Another wrote, “This warms my heart. Congrats, can’t wait to see all the twins grow together!!!” expressed another. “Omg! So cute,”.  The fourth one wrote, “Aaaww they both looked surprised. But all 4 will be best friends!”.

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