Virat's imitation of Bumrah: This video will compel you to laugh!
Virat's imitation of Bumrah: This video will compel you to laugh!

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is known not only for the game but also for the mischief of his teammates. There are many other off-the-field sentences when they have copied their fellow players and now a similar video has surfaced in which they are seen imitating fellow bowler Jaspreet Bumrah and watching Jaspreet Bumrah take a run-up in style. to meet. Then celebrate the same way as Bumrah is seen celebrating after taking the wicket.

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Virat is the best batsman of the current round. However, he is also a double-doubly-style bowler who has scored 8 wickets at the international level. He has been seen trying his hand at bowling very little since becoming captain. But, they make up for it in the Nets. Virat has been found bowling several times during net practice. In the meantime, he has also imitated Jaspreet Bumrah's bowling style.

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Virat Kohli once said that he has always been serious about his bowling. However, his runup looks a bit odd. For this reason, he slips several times and during this time he narrated a story about Jaspreet Bumrah. "In one match we were very close to victory and our victory was certain. He was bowled by Dhoni at the behest of Virat. As soon as Virat was hit by the ball, Bumrah, standing on the boundary, shouted from there." They said, "Hey, there's a joke going on here."


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