Vijay Deverakonda reacts to Anaya’s opinion on Arjun Ready, I don't disregard …

One of the most loved movies of south Arjun Reddy, the original version of Kabir Singh had received Backlash and criticism over the violent representation of love and how it justifies it. The movie stars Vijay Deverakonda. The actor is all set to make his Bollywood debut with Liger with Ananya Panday. Ananya Panday in front of  Vijay gave her honest opinion about the movie.

In a recent interview, Vijay Deverakonada reacted to Ananya’s answer. The actor said, “She was mentioning it that people seem to like her take, her very honest opinion on the film while I was next to her. But then, she's comfortable talking. I'm really open to opinions I love listening to people's opinions. I don't disregard anybody. I'm like, ‘if you feel this way, it's good. There must be a reason you feel this way,’ and I hear them. I might not agree or disagree, or I might even see both sides of the coin, but it's okay and I'm glad she spoke what she thought.”

In the episode of  Koffee With Karan 7, Featuring Ananya and Vijay,  Ananya was asked what she felt about the film, and the young actress expressed that while she enjoyed the songs and the performances in the movies, she would not be accepting of the behavior portrayed by the protagonists in the movies in real life, be it with herself or with her friends. She further shared that she finds it scary that some people believe it’s okay to behave in a certain manner just because it was potrayed by the hero.

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