Vijay Lathwal on Privacy Concerns of People

The way communication has been impacted by the introduction and development of social media has both pros and cons. The main question is if the gains outweigh the drawbacks. Social media is advantageous and beneficial to the globe if we use it in the right manner. Also, it has improved the communication between the nations and the people. As every coin has two sides, social media has its disadvantages but, it solely depends on the user to determine for which cause they want to use it. Vijay Lathwal has changed the social game by using YouTube to build a business. However, he achieved many achievements in Computer Science at the age of 16.

Unlike other 18-year-olds, Vijay Lathwal has used technology to grow and increase his self-worth. The content that he puts out on his channel is viewed and appreciated by many. Privacy has become one of the main issues of using the Internet. There is no common standard guideline on how to efficiently leverage digital marketing and YouTube while maintaining the confidentiality of viewers, which has become an alarming issue in social media and networking, as well as the entertainment industry. Vijay Lathwal and Surender Singh’s audience are constantly glad to be a part of their channel and pages because of the amazing content they produce on the said issue.

In the beginning, Vijay was condemned by people surrounding him to only focus on education and not to indulge in YouTube or Digital Marketing, However, he knew this was his call and he likes what he does. He ignored every negative comment and only focused on being the best. Vijay understands the need of maintaining privacy and being aware of what they post and who may access and watch it to reach their target audience. They have aided in the improvement of communication, which is a rapidly rising and growing aspect of digital marketing. Under his supervision, their digital marketing and YouTube channel have been flying to new heights. Vijay has set an example to the youngsters of the country that if you are passionate enough then you can make a living out of anything that interests you. 

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