People obstructed burial of corona positive, jammed road and protested
People obstructed burial of corona positive, jammed road and protested

Chennai: A similar incident has come out recently from Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu that after knowing that your senses will fly away. In fact, the local people here have not clearly told the corona victim's body to be buried. It is being told that when the ambulance started going to the funeral for the dead body, people stopped it on the way and protested in front of them for a long time. During this time a large group of people were involved in protesting the burial of the dead body.

It is being told that the revenue officials talked about this incident. He said, 'People first protested, but later on they started to obstruct. The protesters stopped the ambulance on the way by putting a tractor and a big box of garbage. When the ambulance took the other way, there was a lot of opposition. People had dug the way here as well, due to which the ambulance could not move forward. With this, he said, "The revenue officials had to wait for several hours in an ambulance with the family of the deceased."

Even after being told, people did not give way to go from there. Then the body was taken and buried in Periyakenta village. Talking about this whole matter, a few days ago the corona report of this 52-year-old man came positive. After that, he was admitted to the Thiruvannamalai Government Hospital. There his condition worsened day by day. As soon as they saw the condition of the patient, he was admitted to a private hospital but he died while undergoing treatment. It is being told that the patient's family wanted to perform the last rites of the deceased in his village Meledayalam, but the people living there protested. After that, the body was buried in Periyakenta village.

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