Angry villagers blew up police car after Dakman's murder

Jan 13 2021 10:22 AM
Angry villagers blew up police car after Dakman's murder

Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh, Mau district was lashed with uproar when a young man was shot dead. The villagers, angered by the incident, set ablaze the police van. After this incident, there is tension in the entire region. Police have rushed to the spot and controlled the situation.

As per the information received, the entire case is from Asalpur village in the local police station area. In September 2019, the Gram Pradhan Tot was shot dead during a full panchayat of the rebel. The election was being called behind the killing. Rahul, accused of murder, then ran the tot's nephew Arvind and shot him dead. Arvind's murder spread resentment amongst the villagers. Angry villagers targeted the police car and burned it. The villagers also blew up a bike in addition. At the same time, the accused attacked the village and set ablaze the straw in other houses. Heavy police force arrived at the spot and controlled the situation.

Search for accused continues: It is also said to have rushed to the spot superintendent of police Sushil Kumar Ghule said that three youths were running daily in Hasanpur village on Monday evening. One of the youths, Arvind, was shot dead by 2 people aboard the bike. Two young men who were racing with Arvind fled from the spot. Are currently searching for the accused.



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