Husband fleeing after killing his wife, villagers caught him and beaten him to death
Husband fleeing after killing his wife, villagers caught him and beaten him to death

The criminal case that has come out of Fatehpur can blow your senses. In this case, the husband cut the wife with a sharp weapon and killed her. The brother-in-law and mother-in-law also came to the rescue and brought the young man in a dying situation. According to the information received, the people of the village, who came to hear the noise of this happening, caught the youth who carried out the incident and beat him to death with sticks and sticks. Meanwhile, someone called the police and the police came and sent the two bodies for post mortem and sent the seriously injured mother-daughter to Kanpur.

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According to the news, "40-year-old Nisar, a resident of Juna village fox in district Juna in Chhattisgarh province, was married nine years ago to Afridi Begum, daughter of Saeed, a resident of Simaur village in Ghazipur police station area. For the last two years, she was living with three daughters and one son in her maternal home. On Tuesday, husband Nisar came to pick up his wife, but the officer was not ready to go. On this matter, there was an argument between the two on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, Nisar lost his temper and started beating his wife. He stabbed him several times with an ax placed nearby. Due to which he died on the spot.

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In this case, the police said that the mother-in-law Sogra Begum, sister-in-law Shabnam and Sarwari came to the rescue after hearing the screams of the incident, then attacked them with an ax, that is why the mother-in-law and sister-in-law Shabnam were seriously injured. She went and Sarvari ran away from there. "Now in this matter, the SP said that," The villagers who take up the law will not be spared under any circumstances. "

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