Villagers of this district built a PM Modi’s temple, and worship day and night….read detail inside

Apr 15 2019 04:15 PM
Villagers of this district built a PM Modi’s temple, and worship day and night….read detail inside

There is a village in Uttar Pradesh state where Narendra Modi is worshiped as the God and people of this village are absorbed in the devotion of Modi throughout day and night. People of Bansidih Nagar Panchayat of Ballia district have also built Modi's temple in their village and these people worship Modi every day. In order to worship Modi, they has kept a photograph of PM Modi in the temple and in front of this photo day they enlightened lamp and burns incense. The people of this village gather together and worship Modi together.

People of this village have replaced Durga Mandir as Modi's temple in their village, and in this temple, the photograph of Durga Maa has also attached to a photograph of Modi. This photo of Modi is worshiped in the same way as every God. Modi is worshiped by the women and men of this village and during the worship, they first put the tilak on the picture of Modi, then enlightened lamp and burn incense in front of them.

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Many people of this village have also kept fast for Modi ji. According to the people of this village, they want Modi to become PM of our country once again and so they has kept nine days of fast for PM Modi. According to Ramawati Devi, who has nine days of fast for Modi, she is worshiping Goddess Mother Durga from the first day of Navratri and she is wishing that Modi will again become the PM of the country. According to Ramawati, he has kept a nine-day fast for Modi's win. In addition to Ramawati Devi, Pratul Ojha, also fasting for Modi, says that during Navaratri, people of this village are praying to Goddess Durga that Modi should be PM again. Modi is not less than God for the poor, due to this reason we have kept a picture of Modiji in the temple and are worshiping him.

How much love and devotion to Modi in the hearts of the people of this village can be realized from the fact that the people of this village worshiped Modi ji along with the name of Bansidih Nagar Panchayat Modi Nagar Panchayat Has started demanding. Significantly, the voting for the Lok Sabha election has started and voting has been done for the first phase. This time again BJP could win and again Modi could become the Prime Minister of the country. For this people of Bansidih Nagar Panchayat have kept fast for Modi ji. 

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