Great danger! Hole in the door of hell is increasing, swallowing things around

You all know that nature has many mysteries in itself and many times humans tried to cover up these mysteries, but they failed. Now there is a story in the headlines even now. In fact, at present, a huge crater in Siberia, Russia, is the subject of discussion, which people call the 'door of hell'. In the meantime, scientists have given a shocking news about it. In fact, according to some media reports, the mouth of the door of hell in Siberia has been reopened. The people living here believe that this is the way to another world inside the ground.

Scientists call it the Batagaika Crater, which is a gaping hole on the earth's surface. It was first measured in the 1980s, since then it has grown one kilometer long and 86 meters deep. Scientists say that they examined the soil inside it and now it is found that these 1. It is 2 million to 2 million years old. And dating to the bottom layer showed that these 6. It can be 50 years old. With this, this huge crater can become the oldest open area in the whole of Eurasia. Apart from this, the investigation also revealed that this pit is growing at the rate of about 20-30 meters every year and its speed is still not stable. Scientists say that the speed of the growth of this pit cannot be stopped and it is swallowing things around it.

Scientists say that the temperature in Siberia remains very low and in such a situation, the ground below was frozen. When the forest was removed in the year 1960, the sun's rays reached there and the ground started melting and sinking. It's not good at all for our environment. Scientists say there is another worrying news besides the ground collapse.

This is continuously emitting greenhouse gases and if it continues like this, the climate crisis will continue to escalate. The people living around it also heard the sound of the boom. That's why he's calling it the door to hell. The Yakut people believe that this is the way to another world, but when the geologists studied it, it was found that it had only rocks and no other entrance. The remains of a horse were found inside it, which is said to be 42 thousand years old.

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