Violence with 8-year-old girl in Bihar, blindfolded after gang rape, then murdered"

Patna: There has been a stir in the area after the body of an eight-year-old girl who went missing on the day of Holi in Bihar's Banka. It is being told that after the gang rape, the girl was brutally killed. According to family members, the girl was playing Holi with her friends outside the house at 2 pm on the day of Holi. In the meantime, she suddenly disappeared from near the Durga temple. The family started looking for him from that time itself.

During the search, the police were also informed. But instead of taking immediate action, the police asked the family members to search side by side. Meanwhile, another child who played with the girl told the family members that the girl has been taken away in a red colored auto from near Durga temple. After this information, the family members started searching for the auto driver. When the relatives reached the auto driver's house, he denied their involvement in the incident. However, he later ran away from his house. At around 11 pm, the family members found the girl's body covered with sand in a drain located near the railway station.

Police were informed about this. After which the police recovered the body from there. Police have told that there was no cloth on the girl's body and blood was bleeding from many parts of her body. His eyes were also torn out. After seeing the dead body, it was clear that the incident of gang rape of the girl had been carried out and she had been murdered by tearing her eyes. At the same time, after the auto driver fled, the police arrested his wife for questioning.

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