This actor sneezed on by neighbor for not wearing mask

May 25 2020 12:15 PM
This actor sneezed on by neighbor for not wearing mask

Bollywood actor Vir Das recently shared a video from his Twitter account which has become a topic of discussion at this time. In this video, the neighbors of Vir Das are seen who are seen to be unnecessarily raging on the actor. During this time Vir also tries to explain that person many times with love, while the person who is angry at Vir says that the actor was not wearing a mask. In this video, that angry neighbor starts fighting in front of the door of his house. In this video, Vir Das is seen saying politely that "this is his house and he will not roam around in his house with a mask".

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Hearing these words of Vir Das, the neighbor is further infuriated. While sharing this video, Vir wrote in the caption- 'I was waiting for my friend, he lives in the floor below my 3 house. I was standing near the door of my house. Then it came and all this happened… ' In this video it appears that the neighbors are getting angry by putting on the mask, then Vir says that' Please keep a distance of 6 feet from me. ' The neighbor says- 'You are younger than my son. You stay away from me, you wear your mask first. I will slap you and call the police. After this, the neighbor comes close to Vir Das and takes off the mask and sneezes. He says to the neighbor, 'Are you really doing this?'

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The neighbor further says- 'This is my place, don't tell me.' Vir Das says that he rents this place. After that the neighbor says that - 'My parents have born me here. My parents took their last breaths where you sleep. They will scare you as ghosts. You rent it, it doesn't matter to me, it doesn't matter.'

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