Video: Child fell down in bathtub while playing with cat

Aug 02 2020 05:59 PM
Video: Child fell down in bathtub while playing with cat

A video is going fiercely viral on the Internet, seeing which you will laugh. In this video, it is clearly visible how deep friendship is between the cat and the young child. This little baby loves the cat very much, and the cat also loves him very much. Due to this, it is always with that child.

Perhaps it is also possible that the householder may have reared the cat for the child. Often the two play with each other. However, the cat remains unaware that its friend may harm it. At one time, mischief is felt in the mind of the child and he comes to pick up the cat and throw it in the bathtub. Many people are with their children at that place.

At that time, the cat realizes that today the style of the friend has changed from one to the other. There is definitely going to be something wrong today. After this, the cat becomes alert, and then as soon as the child goes to throw the cat from its lap in the bathtub. Then the cat jumps down and goes from there. While the child loses its balance in order to throw the cat, it falls into the bathtub. This video is very funny. People are also very fond of this video. Sushant Nanda has shared this video. More than thirteen thousand people have seen this viral video so far. More than one thousand people have liked it.

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