Mother spreads wings to protect children from rain, video touching people's hearts

Jul 22 2021 01:24 PM
Mother spreads wings to protect children from rain, video touching people's hearts

A mother is a mother and no one can replace her in this world. If the word mother is important, then what about her personality? Mother is special to all, whether it is human or animal. Now a video is currently in the internet world. The video has won the hearts of the people. This is a very cute little video that has been doing the rounds on social media. You can see this video of a bird trying to protect his children from getting wet in the rain.



You can see mother's affection in this video. Now the sight of the bird's affection has filled the hearts of many and everyone is reacting to it. Well, this video has proved that there is really no one like mother. The video was shared by IFS officer Sudha Raman on Twitter. You can see he wrote in the caption of this video: "Because she is a mother.'' Now people are loving the video and people are reacting to it. Although the clip was shared by photographer Alper Tuydes, it has been shared by many people who don't know it now.

The video is 12 seconds in total and can be seen in this video that the bird is standing and its children are sitting under it. Meanwhile, there is a heavy shower of rain but the mother spreads her wings and has a roof for the children and is trying to save them. The video is receiving a lot of love in the world of social media and this video has proved that no one can replace a mother.

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