Workers packing toast while spitting and trampling by their feet, video viral

Nowadays a variety of videos go viral. Some of them are shocking and some are laughable. Now a shocking video is going viral on the internet which you can see here. People are very disturbed and are increasingly sharing it. The video shows bakery workers and the support worker can be seen kicking and spitting on the toast before packing it. The video has been shared on Instagram and you can see some factory employees sitting together and packing baked rusks in this video. However, two of them can be seen deliberately putting their bare feet on the rusk, which is placed in a tray on the floor.


A post shared by Shivkumar Parthasarathy (@instantshiva)

At the same time, a young man licks the rusk before putting it in the packing cover. Sharing the video, user Shivakumar Parthasarathy wrote, 'These b@$&ds will ruin the efforts of thousands of bakery workers. Share this video so much that it reaches the police of the state where they are from. It won't be difficult to track them at all. Just forward and share so that it reaches the authorities and this loafer is arrested. Friends, share and forward so that these bastards get caught as soon as possible and get the right taste of toast and saline.' People are getting angry when they see this viral video.

One user wrote, 'I will never understand what they get by doing this? Maybe a superstition but then why would they shoot it! And where is humanity in all this? That toast would probably pay that clown's daily wage. Low income or not he is still earning so why they will misuse, it is beyond my thinking. As well as the fact that I saw it early in the morning."

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