Viral video of woman throwing cow dung cakes on the wall with precise aim

Many types of videos go viral on social media every day. Now at this time a video has blown people's senses. Yes, in this video the unique talent of an Indian woman is getting to see. Whoever is watching this video is astonished. By the way, if we talk about talent, then Indian people have a unique talent to do any difficult task easily. Yes, you will get to see such talent in every person here which you have not seen anywhere till date.

By the way, due to this talent, many times shocking videos of Indian people are seen spreading fire on social media. Now recently a video of a woman has surfaced, and in this video the woman is seen aiming like a talented basketball player, aiming cow dung cakes at their right place on the wall. You can see this clip going viral has been shared on social media by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra on Twitter and everyone is surprised to see this video.

In this video, a woman is seen throwing cow dung cakes on a large wall with her hands, aiming at the right place one by one and the cow dung balls sticking to the right place. You all can see that by sharing this video, Deepanshu Kabra has written 'Absolutely Perfect' in the caption. At the same time, people are writing the same thing in the comments too.

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