Air India Faces Backlash Over Video Showing Rough Handling of Fragile Luggage
Air India Faces Backlash Over Video Showing Rough Handling of Fragile Luggage

Air India, a prominent Indian airline, recently faced backlash after a video showing rough handling of passengers' fragile luggage surfaced online. The video, shared by a musician, showed the luggage crew loading passengers' baggage roughly onto a vehicle, raising concerns about the treatment of fragile items. The clip quickly went viral, drawing major reactions from people. Some viewers criticized Air India and its management for the incident, while others defended the airline, stating that the luggage crew were contract workers and not directly part of the airline staff.

 Many people shared their opinions in the comment section. Some pointed out the harsh working conditions of the baggage handlers and low pay, suggesting that passengers should consider alternative services for safely transporting fragile items. Others noted that the issue is not exclusive to Air India, as other airlines like Indigo face similar challenges. The incident highlighted the need for airlines and their contractors to address handling procedures for delicate baggage and improve customer service in this area.

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