Virar murder case : Pintoo Sharma necrophilia test done

Jan 30 2019 01:19 PM
Virar murder case :  Pintoo Sharma  necrophilia test done

On Wednesday, The Arnala Coastal police reported that Pintoo Sharma brutally hacked 53-year-old Ganesh Koladkar to death over a mere Rs 60,000, the police are investigating a sexual act with a corpse angle, Unable to wrap their heads around, probing the case, that Sharma would be taken to government hospital for a medical test to check if this was indeed the case.

medical experts says necrophilia (sexual act with a corpse) is a rare disorder in which the person is sexually attracted to or performs sexual acts on corpses. Medical officer of the government hospital in Agashi, Dr Rugved Dudhat, said, "We will conduct thorough tests to ascertain if the accused is a necrophiliac or not. The test lasts two-three hours and we will check for any sign of resistance on his body, including private parts. A body becomes stiff after death and if Sharma tried to penetrate Koladkar, the chances are high that his private parts sustained injuries." He added, "In necrophilia, the killer also takes pleasure in cutting the body into pieces. We will submit our report to the police."

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While The Arnala Coastal police team is working with counterparts at Valiv police station where Sharma is a co-accused in the kidnapping of LIC agent Arvind Ranade, a resident of Borivli. Ranade was last seen with his driver Uttam Sawan, 31, and Sharma on February 21, 2018. A kidnapping case was registered against the duo at Valiv police station on March 15, 2018. They were subsequently arrested but later released on bail.

It’s found that In  both the cases, the flat owner is a woman and in the CCTV footage, the victims are seen going inside the flat with Sharma but are never seen coming out. There are many other similarities which I have told the cops at Arnala Coastal police station. 

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