Sikka was aware of trade secrets theft, says Teradata

Jun 24 2018 03:07 PM
Sikka was aware of trade secrets theft, says Teradata

Vishal Sikka previously resigned from Infosys and a lot of controversies followed the event in which Narayan Murthy was also indulged. Sikka is now again in news due to the ‘HANA’, an analytic platform of SAP for which the ex-Infosys CEO used to work as Chief Technology Officer.

A US firm named Teradata has alleged that he was well aware of the stealing trade secrets. As per Teradata, $140 Billion German techno firm SAP has developed the HANA after getting access to their intellectual property by entering into a joint venture. The firm said: “On information and belief, to overcome this challenge during HANA development, the HANA developers, at the direction of Dr. Sikka, utilized the same solution developed by Teradata’s engineers and developers during the Bridge Project — using Teradata’s trade-secret techniques for optimizing the execution of analytical queries and the speed of data storage and retrieval on large-scale databases”.

Sikka is considered as the mind behind developing the controversial HANA. The lawsuit notably reported that HANA sales reached $2 billion in 2016 and its release was expedited with the help of trade secrets that were stolen by SAP. After the allegations, while terming the charges as baseless and outrageous Sikka stated that “As with all my endeavours, my work with SAP HANA was carried out with the highest integrity, professionalism and respect for all obligations towards trade secrets and intellectual property. Although this lawsuit is not directed at me, I categorically deny the baseless and outrageous allegations made by Teradata that attempt to diminish the hard work, passion, and the irrefutable and fully legitimate achievements by the Hana team, including myself”

Notably, SAP has also executed an internal probe for the concern that was raised by Waldbaum in May 2013 that reads as alleged that SAP had improperly used the intellectual property of a number of competitors, including Teradata, to create HANA. But the probing was shut down later and Waldbaum was thrown out of the company. 

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