Visit the world's color changing tallest rock

Nov 07 2018 08:09 AM
Visit the world's color changing tallest rock

Most people are fond of going around the world. Often people want to roam around places that are full of adventures and surprises. If you like to go to such a place, then today we are going to tell you about a rock which is the highest in the world. As the rock is high, its color keeps changing.

Australia has the world's highest and largest rock. It is located in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is said that the rock is present in a very large lake. This huge rock placed at a famous island  which found millions of years ago. Firstly, people used to know it as the Iron Ridge. But over time, the name of this rock was changed to Uluru. The world's largest rock is present at an altitude of 348 meters in the northern region of Australia. This rock is located in a radius of 9 kilometers.

The rock was discovered in 1873 by an Englishman named WG Godse. It was named after the Australian Prime Minister Henry Is. The most important thing about this rock is that the color of this changes automatically at the time of sunrise and sunset. During the sunrise, it looks red like burning coal and on the sunset it turns into brown, orange, red, light purple and bright colors.



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