Visit these beautiful and holy places of Kanyakumari

Nov 07 2018 02:10 AM
Visit these beautiful and holy places of Kanyakumari

There are many such places in India where the view of this appears to be such as if the heaven itself has landed itself. One such place is Kanyakumari Hind Ocean located at the south point. It is not only a city but also a large tourist destination of native foreign tourists. Most people desire to see it because of being at the end of the country map. In a mythical story, this place of South India is called Kanyakumari in the memory of the daughter of King India, Kumari.

On this beautiful side of India, there are many places where you can roam through today. Let's know about these places 

1 - Kumari Amman Temple

Kumari Amman Temple is situated on the beach. The main entrance of this temple opens only on special occasions, so devotees have to enter through the northern gate. The present temple, surrounded by a narrow 10 feet high perimeter, is built in the period of Pandya kings happened . The temple is called Kumari Amman or Kumari Devi Temple.

2 - Mahatma Gandhi Memorial

Due to being the site of the three saints, a portion of the bone remains of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was also flown here at the sea level. On the beach where their bone was given to the people of the pole, there is a beautiful monument called Gandhi Mandap which is today.

3 - Vivekananda Rock Memorial 

A pavilion comes from far away on the second rock in the sea. This pavilion is actually Vivekananda rock memorial. There is a 70-foot-high dome on a monument built on a red stone. Architectural craftsmanship of Ajanta-Ellora caves seems to have been taken from crafts. The impressive statue of Parvrajik Sant Swami Vivekananda's bronze whose height is eight feet eight feet above platform four feet high inside the building.

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