Vitamin B12 rich foods and their associated health benefits
Vitamin B12 rich foods and their associated health benefits

Vitamin B12 can also fight symptoms that lead to eczema and other skin diseases. It retains moisture of the skin and protects it from drying. Although the amount of vitamin B12 rich foods you need daily is not very high, you need to ensure you take in foods rich in vitamin B12 on a regular basis. Experts recommend about 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 per day for an adult. So take a step back before you start popping those pills!

Vitamin B12 is produced by bacteria, and is found in abundance in animal products. This is because animals eat foods that are rich in vitamin B12. Vegetarians also have a few good sources of the vitamin. Learn more about foods rich in vitamin B12 by watching this video.

Vitamin B12 Rich Foods -  for Vitamin B-12

Milk And Dairy Products We all know that milk and other dairy products are high in calcium concentration, but these are great sources of vitamin B12 as well. For vegetarians, it becomes an important source, since many other natural sources include meat, fish and eggs. Products like plain milk, plain yogurt, and cheese are not only readily available in the market but also can be consumed at any point in the day. They can be combined with other foods at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Alternatively, they can be consumed on their own, independently as a midday snack or evening drink.

Eggs Eggs are not only versatile, they are a powerhouse of essential nutrients, and are rich in vitamin B12. Although one egg a day is not sufficient to provide you the needed daily dose of vitamin B12, you can combine them with other foods rich in the vitamin to get the required amount. Research also shows that the yolks have higher levels of vitamin B12 than the whites.

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Nutritional Yeast This is an inactive yeast which has a nutty flavour and also known as ‘nooch’ is popularly called vegan cheese. The yellow powder, which comes from sugarcane or beet molasses, can be purchased from the market. It can be sprinkled on to hot and cold foods to increase the depth of their flavours. Add a dash on your popcorn, sprinkle it on your bread spread or stir in some into a gravy or pasta. It becomes a good source of vitamin B12 for vegetarians, since it is usually fortified with the vitamin. It is also a good source of protein and minerals. Ensure you purchase the fortified nutritional yeast.\

Fortified Cereals If you choose your morning cereal wisely, you could get your vitamin B12 dose by the time you finish breakfast! For this, it becomes imperative for you to choose a cereal fortified with vitamin B12. The range of vitamin B12 added varies from cereal to cereal and brand to brand. Read up before making your choice! It is likely that your body will absorb the vitamin from the fortified cereal well, since the vitamin may not have to be broken down by your body before it can be absorbed. If you choose to use fortified cereal to increase your vitamin B12 intake, make sure to choose a brand low in added sugar and high in fiber or whole grains.

Fish A variety of fish are known to be rich sources of vitamin B12, including herrings, salmon, sardines, tuna and trout.

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