Palm reading: Know when and how much your marriage will sustain

Dec 05 2019 07:00 AM
Palm reading: Know when and how much your marriage will sustain

There are many people all over the world who see the marriage line in their palm and want to know about their marriage. Today we are going to tell you about the marriage line, where it is and how you can know about your marriage. Let's know.

Where is the marriage line in the palm: The horizontal line present on the Mercury mountain below the junior finger and above the heart line is called the marriage line and the number of marriage lines in the palm can be up to 4. It is said that one of these lines is found to be the most athletic and long.

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Status of marriage line:
1. It is said that if this line is short and light, then the person does not care about his relationships and the weak line expresses a love affair for a short time.

2. It is said that widening of the marriage line in the hand is a sign of having no enthusiasm towards marriage.

3. It is said that if the marriage line is finally divided into several parts, a very unhappy married life occurs.

4. Finally, the double marriage line also makes married life discordant.

5. If a branch of the double marriage line touches the heart line, then the native has a love affair with his sister-in-law and if such a state of the line is in the hands of a woman, then it can be related to a brother-in-law or brother-in-law.

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6. The sign of the island on the rise of the marriage line disrupts marital happiness.

7. If there is a tilt in the marriage line and a cross is formed on that tilt, then the husband or wife dies accidentally.

8. If there is a black spot on the marriage line then the native lacks wife happiness.

9. If this line is deep and long, then the person values his relationships and love is true.

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