Vizag: G20 Global Pharma Summits to be held in major G20 Metros
Vizag: G20 Global Pharma Summits to be held in major G20 Metros

VIZAG: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, launched the brochure of the much-awaited G20 Global Pharma Summit 2023 Series on Friday in Vishakhapatnam. The unveiling of this series signifies a major step towards addressing global healthcare challenges and promoting technological advancements, said state officials.

The G20 Global Pharma Summit Series and G20 Health Summit Series will be held in major metros throughout the G20 countries following the Global Tech Summit, which was held in a number of G20 cities, including Vizag, Zurich, Amsterdam, and Rome. Riyadh, Seoul, Tokyo, Rome, Paris, New York, Melbourne, Beijing, London, and New Delhi are among the cities mentioned.

These international summits will provide specialists, researchers, and business executives with unrivalled venues to network, share knowledge, and improve healthcare and technology on a global scale.

The Pulsus Group, which organises the G20 Global Pharma Summit Series and G20 Health Summit Series, works with prestigious international partners like Walsh Medical Media from the United States, Conference Series from the United Kingdom, Longdom Group from Belgium, Ashdin Publishing from the Middle East, and EuroSciCon from the European Union Conference Group. Participants will have an enriching experience thanks to the broad and extensive collaboration, which guarantees a wide range of perspectives and knowledge.

These summits are intended to identify and honour subject matter specialists in important healthcare and technological domains, providing them with a distinctive stage on which to present their knowledge and develop humankind. Additionally, the events give startup businesses a chance to advertise their businesses, connect with possible partners and investors, and raise money to support their creative ideas. The importance of these platforms in assisting and promoting the growth of entrepreneurs in the healthcare and technology sectors was emphasised by Gedela Srinubabu, Co-Convenor of the Global Tech Summit Series and CEO of Pulsus Group.

In addition to expressing his support for the summits, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy emphasised the value of highlighting investment prospects in Vizag and Andhra Pradesh. With the Chief Minister's support, these international events gain a great deal of credibility, expanding their scope and influence. These series offer a great platform for bringing in outside interest and funding for the area, particularly in the pharma, healthcare, and technology sectors.

The recognition and awards event, where deserving people are awarded for their remarkable services and contributions to healthcare and technology, is a key highlight of the G20 summits. This honour not only recognises their accomplishments but also acts as a spur to new ideas and advancements in the fields in which they work. The summits include scientific track talks by academics, students, and doctors in addition to the awards, encouraging information sharing and cooperation.

A critical turning point in the history of global healthcare and technology has been reached with the introduction of the G20 Global Pharma Summit Series. These summits are expected to foster cooperation, creativity, and developments that will benefit mankind as a whole, with the backing of global partners and the support of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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