Volkswagen accused of cheating its customers repeatedly

Sep 04 2018 04:00 PM
Volkswagen accused of cheating its customers repeatedly

Germany's Volkswagen, now trapped in fraudulent disputes in the emissions of diesel cars, is now charged with a new accusation. According to media reports, Volkswagen tampered with emission rules in some petrol cars of Audi, Porsche, and the Volkswagen brand. Company engineers gave this information during the investigation of fraud in diesel trains. Volkswagen, refusing to comment on the subject, citing the continuation of the investigation into the case. 

The company is accused of tampering in gearboxes and software, which makes the vehicle reduce the level of carbon emissions and fuel consumption. If the allegations prove to be true, then the problems of Volkswagen can be increased. On the basis of carbon emissions in Europe, the tax is imposed on vehicles. 

For the first time in September 2015, Volkswagen had acknowledged that it had installed 'Defect Device' in 1 million 11 lakh trains sold worldwide from 2008 to 2015. This device was designed in such a way that during testing in the lab, these cars proved to be true to environmental standards. 

While in reality, these cars used to emit a polluted gas called nitric oxide. This emission was four times more than the European standards. Volkswagen has had to pay a fine of billions of rupees due to the scandal. The company has agreed to impose a penalty of Rs 8,300 crore only in Germany. Some of its top officials have also been jailed. 

During the pollution test, the amount of nitrogen oxide in the smoke coming out of these cars is found 35 times higher than it ran on the road. This can happen only when there are some misdemeanors in some places.

The attention of the 'EPA' was drawn by a non-governmental and non-profit organization called the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) towards this fraud. Members of this organization with two dozen transport and environmental experts are engineers, scientists and academic researchers from countries like EU, US, China, Japan and India. These countries are also the major markets for transport equipment.

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