Volvo's electric version of its flagship XC90 SUV, the EX90, maybe the safest EV yet.

On November 9, the Volvo EX90 electric SUV will make its premiere worldwide. The EX90 will serve as the company's new electric flagship since it will be the XC90 flagship SUV's all-electric version. The future EV will be the Concept Recharge's production iteration. It is anticipated to be a scaled-back version of the concept car, though. Additionally, it will be the first electric SUV from Volvo to be built on the SPA2 platform.

The Swedish luxury automaker has already established a goal of selling 600,000 all-electric vehicles annually beginning in 2025 in order to become an electric-only automaker by 2030. It is anticipated that the impending EX90 will be essential to that sales approach.

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The Volvo EX90 will be built on the new SPA2 platform and emphasise enhanced safety measures. Volvo emphasises the vehicle's safety features and states that the future EX90 will have cutting-edge safety systems. It will have a barrier that protects both the outside and the interior of the vehicle, and it will use radar and cameras to help the driver when they are drowsy, weary, or late in performing the required manoeuvre. Volvo also asserts that the comprehensive safety system, when combined with cameras, will reduce the chance of death or serious injury by as much as 20% in the EX90, providing a glimpse into Volvo's future vehicles.

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In response, Volvo CEO Jim Rowan stated that a fundamental component of the new, cutting-edge safety system installed in the Volvo EX90 will be based on a knowledge of behaviour. “The development of our latest safety technology is based on understanding human behaviour, rooted in decades of our own and others’ safety research. Every one of us is likely to experience or be affected by at least one car crash in our lifetime," he said. “Special sensors and cameras, powered by our own in-house-developed algorithms, gauge eye gaze concentration," Rowan further added while talking about cabin safety.

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