Former MP Arun Kumar said that the cm YS Jagan's letter should be discussed

Oct 18 2020 05:06 PM
Former MP Arun Kumar said that the cm YS Jagan's letter should be discussed

Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar said that the chief justice of the Supreme Court Justice NV Ramana should have a discussion on the letter written by Chief Justice YS Jagan. Writing letters on the faults of the judiciary is not new He recalled that in 1961, the then Chief Minister Damodaram Sanjeevaya wrote a letter to the Union Home Minister on the Joint Andhra Pradesh High Court Judge Chandra Reddy. In Rajamahendravaram of East Godavari district, Undavalli spoke to the media on Saturday

Justice NV Ramana is not new to corruption charges In 2005, retired judge BSA Swamy described justice Ramana in a paragraph in a book written on corruption charges against judges. Ramana also served as advocate general during Chandrababu's tenure.

Similarly, the state High Court gag order on the investigation in the capital's landslide is not correct. The message that the courts will not accept if they say anything about them by giving gag orders. The judges should work beyond the raag saga. Is it necessary to read Section 151 of the IPC with the state DGP in the High Court? Will we say we are stronger than the state government? Undavalli said that if the relationship between the legislature and the judiciary is bad, the state will be confused.

Justice Ramana is to be impeached in Parliament to prevent the Supreme Court from being the Chief Justice. It needs the support of a hundred in the Lok Sabha and 50 MPs in the Rajya Sabha to get it approved. He responded to the CM YS Jagan cases He is not likely to be punished.

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