Wait is finally over for new Gionee smart phones
Wait is finally over for new Gionee smart phones

It was brought into vision last week that Gionee might be announcing the launch of its two new smart phones in the market very soon. What else in the case on the updates, the smart phones ads were also shown on the pod cast publicity websites like Antutu recently. It is finally a great excitement for people now that Gionee going to release it's two new smart phones, that is to say Gionee s9 and s9t in the market on 15th of November in an event in China that is supposed to occur around 2 30 Cost which means around 4 30 from here onwards, Thus, These two new phones going to bring new craze in people who like Gionee phones.

As far the features are concerned, both phones shall comprise of similar features, which consists of multi tasking systems, smart phone flexibility and what in most, both phones shall comprise dual rear camera with selfi flash modes, which is the chief feature of this phone in present making its craze go high in all parts of the world. It is not yet decided exactly how much will be the cost of the phone, But as far the features suggest it may be across the equal costs of general smart phones, when it shall come to the market, Thus People can expect good response through these two new smart phones and they continue to enjoy the flair of Gionee across the world indeed.

Gionee may suggest that It is sure to launch both smart phones at the event going to happen in China, But they will also be launching text enable service pack kit in the same event, which may provide more scope for those who face visual problems or those who have less vision range; This effort is being welcome all across, as Gionee set to launch these two new phones- We hope that they will create equal flair as the earlier Gionees phone did in the multicultural market; Thus Chinese markets and later on the global market going to have good time with these two new phones which are going to be launched on 15th of November indeed...

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