Walking the road less travelled by - Rahul Kumar Pandey

Jul 03 2020 10:27 PM
Walking the road less travelled by - Rahul Kumar Pandey

We hear a lot of success stories in our day to day life.  This story will take you on a bumpy ride of a small-town boy touching heights. There’s always a journey to cover behind every daring maneuver. And with a 25-year-old mind, this comes with lots of zeal, curiosity, dreams, and uncertainties. When the mind takes the sprint to the finish line with valiant efforts, high on adrenaline, all it takes is to step back and reflect on the winnings.

The founder of the company was not a man of cities. Rahul Kumar Pandey,founder and managing director of FNF MEDIA (an Influencer Marketing Venture) a successful young entrepreneur whose take away from his graduation degree was to reflect on his choices and dreams.

Rahul’s journey as an entrepreneur is undoubtedly impressive; more so because he comes from a small town in Bihar, a town saddled with dreams often given up to the incestuous nature of its midwestern people. But, the business tycoon never let his humble background become an obstacle. Instead, he used this to his advantage.

The family hardly had any background related to entrepreneurship. So it was him, breaking the ice-ceiling for the first time. But what’s strange was, the man did not even have a plan of turning out to be an entrepreneur. But you never know what destiny plans for you.

Having completed his Civil Engineering from Noida International University, Rahul Kumar Pandey wished to construct an impactful journey rather than buildings. However, this story stretches much beyond a ‘young entrepreneur turned millionaire’. He owes his journey to his unique vision and exemplary approach towards the market, and the thumping social media presence.

As this strategic player grew up and graduated, his first break was as a Civil Engineer in a reputed company in Ghaziabad. From there, his dreams had just taken the turn. Throughout his professional career as an employee, he kept his priorities straight and opted for night shifts to utilize his day time tactfully into Influencer marketing. He was training and gearing up for the ultimate beginning of his entrepreneurial journey, with every learning he could take from social media besides his full-time job and contributing towards crucial know-how of his upcoming ventures. He was amused by the power of the digital forum, where influencers were taking the roll by driving the market footprint of brands.

He left his job in just a month and slowly, started taking up freelance projects and tapped on huge clientele as the likes of Sony TV, Department of Information and Public Relations PCRA, Twitter specialist for JET AIRWAYS, Social Media Management for Balaji Telefilms and so on. These industry stalwarts polished his understanding of the market, and as every learning pays off, he got a very good client base. His promotional and crisis management communication campaigns and strategies brought the great execution results to sectors he served including FMCG, Politics, and Bollywood industries.

He said :

" The roadblock at the start of the business was hair-raising, but after consulting with my instincts and bracing my actions; I was able to let my experience make a hand on difference and be an undermining factor in forming FNF Media, which resonates with my goals and represents my actions. "

Collating all that he had learned and earned over the years, Mr. Pandey started FNF MEDIA in November 2017. Having started with just one intern, the workforce is 21 employees strong today. In just two years, FNF MEDIA has established ongoing businesses with conglomerates such as ALT Balaji,Reliance Entertainment, Kajaria Tiles, Comio Mobiles, PCRA, etc. to name a few.

At present, FNF MEDIA is managing across three main centers, in Patna, Delhi, and Mumbai, with a network of over 10,000+ influencers across the country from all major categories and digital platforms. Its constant endeavor towards perfection has resulted in a million-dollar turnover in the last 2 years.

The story of Rahul Kumar Pandey gives a secret lesson that every startup can show results if we give it time to blossom to the fullest in the market. Mr. Rahul stayed patient to work for the betterment of the company and he is getting it all back now.

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