'Walls around Shivling should be removed', Hindu side to file a new application

Varanasi: While a report is awaited to be submitted in the court after the claim of finding a Shivling during a survey at Gyanvapi Mosque, the Hindu side has said that it will file another application. Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh chief Jitendra Singh Bisen has said that an application will be made in the court seeking permission to remove the wall around the Shivling.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Bisen said, "Today we are going to give an application in the court that the wall around the Shivling should be removed so that we know how far the Shivling is." The reality came in front of society. He also said that the survey report has not yet been prepared. It may take some more time. He said that the videography has been done for more than 10 hours. The report is being prepared closely.  

While the stone present in a well-like enclosure in the Vajukhana of the Gyanvapi Mosque has been dubbed as a Shivling by the Hindu side, the Muslim side claims that it is a fountain. However, when the surveyors told the Muslim side that, if there is a fountain, then show it, which they could not do. The court will decide whose claim is so strong, that at the moment both the parties are engaged in justifying themselves from the arguments.

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