Want to get pregnant? Try These Best Sex Positions

Apr 11 2019 07:11 PM
Want to get pregnant? Try These Best Sex Positions

Getting blessed with a baby is one of the most best feelings in the world. But  With high plans for your parenthood you need to know certain tricks that will help you to get your desired plans within a short duration. Sex positions plays an important role in getting pregnant. Here is a list of the best sex positions that will help you to get pregnant with an ease.

Sultry saddle position - It is the best when you are trying for something new. This is a sideways sex position where the male partner lies down with his knees bent and legs wide apart and the female partner slots in between making a right angle to her partner’s body keeping one hand on his chest and the other hand beneath his knees so as to hit the action point.

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Squat position – In this position, the male partner lies on the bed and you squat over him placing your hands on his chest, to hit the right point. This gives you an amazing sensation.

Face to face position - Both the partners sit opposite to each other with the male splitting his leg apart and the female partner sliding into his lap sitting over it with the legs joining behind his hip. He then joins his legs together giving you a cozy feeling.

Stand up position- The action is all about the female partner turning towards the wall but surely two feet away from it protruding the bums out. The male partner then enters you with the knees a bit bending to make the action easier and comfortable.

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Spider position - This is the best for those willing to have a long slow intercourse. While the female partner lies back on the bed; her male counter-half does the same with each other’s head in between the others legs bringing each other’s knees up and holding on to their partner’s legs. With slow wiggling motions you enjoy your togetherness.


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