Want to know;how your relation will be with your spouse ?

Newly married couple always being worried about, how their future life will be with their partner, whether it will be with full of happiness or worse. So, this time ‘Aries’ and ‘Cancer’, you can know about your future destiny with the help of your Zodiac sign you get married under..!

1. ARIES: Aries couples are those who get married between Marchh21-April 19. Independent, adventurous and bold are the signs of Aries. And if you tie the knot during this period, than be ready for the exciting dinner dates and unexpected romantic surprises. But, it’s so important to not to be competitive with each other as the Aries couples possesses this characteristics.

2.CANCER: If you got hitched between June21-July 22 then you are a Cancer couple. A woman of this couple really likes to pamper her husband… They both love to give cutie nick names to each other, they cook together. But, the problem faced by the cancer couple is they wrapped up as a couple and becoming homebodies.

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