Want to look young? Try this healthy breakfast !

Jun 09 2016 04:57 PM
Want to look young? Try this healthy breakfast !

Even your skin will stay younger-looking if you eat right. This is the recepie contained vital nutrients that slows the process of ageing.


2 tbsp sprouted moong or sprouted math

3 tbsp fresh low fat paneer

1 orange, sliced or segmented

1/2 grapefruit, segmented

1/2 cup watermelon balls

1/2 cup papaya balls

2 fresh figs (anjeer), sliced or 4 dried figs (anjeer)

1 banana, sliced

8 fresh strawberries or raspberries(optional)

1/4 cup grapes

2 tbsp mulberry

2 dates (khajur), sliced

cumin seeds (jeera) powder

chilli powder Direction:-

-Sprinkle the cumin seed powder and chilli powder on the moong sprouts and cottage cheese.

-Arrange all the ingredients on a large plate.

-Serve cold.

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